CD 1 (21 songs)

This disc is mainly for singing along. The collection includes: Shabbat is Coming (Every Friday Night), Did a Mitzvah, Puff The Kosher Dragon (the Jewish version, written 20 years before Puff the Magic Dragon), When I’m Together With You, When Simchat Torah Comes to Town, and We Won, We Won, We Won, a really fun Chanukah song.
Paul Levenson kiddush cup
These songs have a lot of bounce; people laugh, smile and clap their hands when they hear them . . . and that’s no exaggeration.
spotlight shabbat is coming

Spotlight: “Shabbat is Coming”

Rabbi Paul Levenson Shabbat

Throughout my rabbinic career, I’ve composed and performed music that either has deep spiritual content or is uplifting in joyousness.

With literally every Bar Mitzvah celebration that I’ve done on Shabbat morning, several people would come up to me and say, “Oh, Rabbi, if only you had been our rabbi when I was growing up, I would have come to services far more often because these songs are so wonderful.”