CD 2 (20 songs)

This disc is more serious, more thoughtful. Some are prayers from the Jewish Prayer Book such as And It Shall Come to Pass, sung in Hebrew and English, and My Life is Lovely, a wedding song.

© drawing by Josh Edelglass

Rab Lev songs
On this collection, the irrepressible Rab Lev also celebrates his retirement and becoming Rabbi Emeritus with Getting Old and How I Got to be Seventy, bellowed out to a hall filled with friends on his 70th birthday!

There are also unexpected “fun songs,” including St. Patrick was Jewish (and so was his Pa), every bit a satire. Performed live, this tune evoked smiles and laughs and raised lots more eyebrows than hackles of the many Irish-Americans who were there that night in Rab Lev's boat club, where he has been the chaplain for 18 years.
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Spotlight: “My Life is Lovely”

Rabbi Paul Levenson and family
In 1961, I officiated in Boston at the marriage of a wonderful young couple. Five years later they called me to officiate at their “Re-Up Renewal of Vows” ceremony, even though we no longer lived in the same city. It was for that Renewal that I wrote My Life is Lovely. By the next time I did the ceremony, they had two children in tow. So I added the verse about the children. They left the country for many years, so I didn’t see them. When they came back we “Re-Upped” one more time. They’re both retired by now, kids grown up, our contact with each other has attenuated.

Still, this is the sweetest, most lovely wedding song I’ve ever written, and I’ve sung it at weddings for new couples at least once a year ever since.