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That’s not a photo of me with the shofar. That’s me, up there, in the corner, with my guitar and my grandson. One of the uses of blowing the shofar has been a call to Celebration. And in Jewish Celebrations, we sing!

The spirit of music is universal. I've been singing and writing songs for nearly half a century. Music is my passion: it speaks to the heart and the soul (and, sometimes, to the brain).

I believe that Jewish music is also universal. Jewish music often has deep spiritual content and is uplifting in joyousness. This is what I have focused on throughout my rabbinic career.

So, I've compiled my work into Celebrating Life! on two CDs of 41 songs: fun songs with a lot of bounce, thoughtful songs from the prayer book, and sing-along songs. These tunes you'll be humming faster than the time it takes to enjoy a bowl of chicken soup (or broccoli soup, if you're a vegan).

In addition, there are CDs of songs of Pesach, Shabbat, Chanukah, and Purim.
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