The L’Chayim Fund is a registered 501(c)3 Federal tax exempt fund.

It was established in 1989 with an initial gift from the will of Rabbi Levenson’s mom. She and he had decided that Jewish education was in need of such a fund to help Jewish students learn in schools and activities that would raise their awareness of the magnificent heritage that is theirs.

Since its start, The L’Chayim Fund has given scholarships to many individuals who have taken educational trips to Israel, to Temple youth group conferences and conventions, and to Jewish camps and day schools.

The largest grant enabled a Jewish medical student from Russia to complete his training, so that now he is happily married to a nice Jewish doctor and raising kids here in the Boston area. In addition, The L’Chayim Fund has benefited Jewish institutions such as Temples and Synagogues, Community Service agencies, and religious groups of all denominations.

In Israel, The L’Chayim Fund has contributed funds that aid the aged and the poor, as well as non-governmental agencies that bring Jewish and non-Jewish Israelis together to work on mutually beneficial projects.

In short, The L’Chayim Fund actively, yet modestly, supports many Jewish efforts to “Repair the World,” to keep our Jewish people alive and healthy through educational assistance to individuals and institutions so they can fulfill themselves in God’s world.
All dollar amounts mentioned on
this website are contributions to
The L’Chayim Fund and not payment for goods received.

Direct contributions to The L'Chayim Fund
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